Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I've Moved!

So I've made the switch to Tumblr. I use tumblr for my personal blog and I find it to be much more accomodating. So please come visit me at the new blog site:


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

On running my first 5k.

So this is gonna be like three (or four) blogs in one...

I did it. I ran my first 5k. On march 2, I participated in the Burleson Be Healthy Community 5k. Now, this has to be one of the smallest races ever. I would say there were about 50 runners total. The race started at the Burleson Recreation Center. It was 3 miles of pretty much nothing but the surrounding neighborhoods. Regardless, it was a change from running around my own neighborhood. The race started at 8am and dear god was it cold. 33 degrees to be exact. I froze my ass off before and after, but during my run I was perfect. I found myself in the middle of the pack most of the way. Even though it was a small race, there were still some runners up front who appeared to be pretty seasoned and hardcore. I finished up at 33 minutes 25 seconds. A personal best. I intended to use my app so that I could keep track of my pace, but it somehow crapped out right before the race. I ended up liking it because I just ran. And in the big spectrum of things, it didn't matter what my pace was because I was fucking running.

My mom also did the race with me. She walked/jogged. After I got to the finish line I walked back along the path to meet her, biggest loser style. I walked/jogged the rest of the way with her. It's kinda cool seeing a 50 year old woman do her first 5k. I know it meant a lot to the both of us to have each other there.

I decided to bump up my first 10k to May instead of waiting for the Texas summer heat to pass and doing one is August or September. This is only a couple weeks earlier than when I anticipated being ready for my first 10k, which was originally in June. I'll be doing to Mayfest 10k on May 4 and I can't help but think what a badass present I am giving to myself. Since me and Austin weren't able to do our 5k together in February, I'm making him do this one with me. I just think he doesn't want to let me do a 10k before he does. Which is fine by me. I'm glad we are competitive like that.

With that being said, I started training for a 10k last night. I did four miles for the first time. It was a little slow, but I didn't stop. Well, correction, I stopped one time after a creepy guy in a truck passed by for the third time. After that I decided to stay in the part of my neighborhood that is completely developed with lights and houses :)

I've found a running buddy and have inspired another friend to start running. My friend Erin and I grew up together. All through elementary, middle and high school we were in dance and cheer leading together. She has always been fully aware of my apathy for running or better yet, any other form of physical exercise. Well, a couple of weeks ago I baby sat her youngest. I had just got done running 3.1 miles for the first time ever when she got to my house. I think she was sort of frightened seeing me in my running gear. Anyway, I told her about how I had started running and nothing much more was said. I saw her this past weekend and she said that she started running too! She's already up to running 1.5 miles non stop. She said that if I could do it, she could. Her husband actually asked her if she was competing with me and we both know the answer is yes. But that's what cheer leading and dance did to us in 16 years.

I just think it's so awesome to have inspired someone. So many people inspired me to start running and the cycle continues.

And next, my new running buddy. I worked with my friend Andrea for almost three years until she quit last year to be a stay at home mom. She was an awesome friend and a great mentor to me during the time she was there and I miss her! However, she is a runner and today it just occurred to me to text her and let her know about my new found hobby. She was so excited to hear about it and suggested we start running together on Sundays. I'm totally stoked to have someone close by who is just as addicted to running as I am. And it gives us a chance to catch up and see each other. Plus, the longer distances I run, the more boring my small piece of developed neighborhood gets.

Fourth and last:
I have started the process of cutting out processed food from my diet. Now before I start, I promise I'm not going to be one of those hard core people who eat absolutely nothing but grain fed beef and shops only at farmer's markets for produce (not to hate on anyone that does). But I have been researching this and I just can't justify all this running if I'm turning around afterwards and putting chemicals and poisons in my body. So I'm taking baby steps. Yesterday was the first time I stepped foot onto the organic aisle at the grocery store. And today my meals consisted of nothing but whole, natural foods. And it was really fucking satisfying. And fun! I felt full all day long and still stayed within my points for weight watchers. I like knowing that what I'm putting in my body is something my body knows how to naturally digest and process. Now don't get me wrong, on Friday night I'll most likely be drinking a beer and partaking in some bad, unhealthy food. But if I can start making small changes, at least during the week, I feel like this is something I will benefit from. For the time being, I promise not to bombard you with my daily meals and healthy recipes.