Saturday, February 23, 2013

I didn't run off my hangover today.

So I missed the cowtown today. Without going too much into the long story, I drove to Austin yesterday morning to be with my brother and sister in law/BFF for the final day of the trial of the bitch that killed my sister in law's sister. Sentencing was decided and the verdict was not what we had hoped for. I had not planned on going to Austin, but after a long two weeks of keeping up with the trial from afar, it was something I needed to do. I originally planned on leaving to come back home yesterday evening, but staying with Austin and Chandler after the unfortunate turn of events was far more important than any 5k. Of course I drank way too much, as that's something that alway happens when I am in Austin. I guess it's only fitting that I am severely hungover on the day I missed my first race.

But thank goodness that I live in a big enough town that there is almost always a 5k somewhere close on any given weekend. Although I am disappointed about not getting to do the cowtown, I found a 5k that's being held in Burleson next weekend and I have already registered for that. It's not even close to being as big as the cowtown, but in the big spectrum of things, that doesn't matter to me. And it gives me one more week to train. That can't hurt, right? Anyway, all that matters is that I keep going and manage my way through the bumps and hurdles that occur during this journey. I'm still doing this.

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  1. Proud of you. What was the verdict and the punishment?