Friday, February 8, 2013

Wins and fails.

Week 5: 11 pounds lost! I've started incorporating crunches into my work out routine in an attempt to get rid of my belly, or at the very least make it smaller. And I've been doing pictures every week so that I can actually see the difference all these 1.5 pound losses a week really do make. Here's week one (at 4 pounds lost) compared to today:

My first instinct is to apologize about those pictures but I won't. I'm a 26 year old mother who struggles with her weight and body image like the rest of them.

This past Wednesday I went running and had a small pain in my Achilles' tendon area that got worse after my run. In hindsight I should have stopped running in the middle of my run because I knew something was off, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. After I got home I spent some time googling the issue and it sounds like it is likely Achilles tendinitis. Which can be "fixed" with rest. So I'm taking off running until Monday. Which I am not happy with. I really want to get out there and push through the pain, but I know that's a really fucking stupid thing to do.

So I've got two weeks from tomorrow until my first 5k. I'm hoping i'll be able to hit the ground running on Monday. Literally. But all I can do is my best and what my body is capable of and allows me to do. Regardless, I'm running my first 5k in two weeks and what a huge step that is for me.

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  1. Hey Colleen,
    I have been training for a half marathon to try and work off my baby weight and flatten up. What else do you do besides running to get a flatter stomach? I am up to 10 miles and still have not lost many inches off the middle. My legs and face look good, but the rest of me is... sad.